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Pepito Products is celebrating its golden anniversary by following the classic recipes of the family patriarch, who dedicated all his knowledge and effort to create artisan cupcakes of the highest quality with "exceptional flavor and texture," reflected in its two brands: Pepito and La Nía, founded in the early 1970s.


Pepito Products has become a part of many people's lives through an emotional connection with its exquisite cupcakes. The story dates back to 1973 when a young José Alonso Igual began making cupcakes using a family recipe passed down from his parents. After many hours of work, humility, and sacrifice, he managed to prepare fluffy specialties that he started selling to his neighbors and eventually reached a large number of consumers. Initially, distribution was through local stores and regional supermarkets, later expanding to the national and European levels, making it one of the pioneering cupcake manufacturers in Spain.


Over time, "this fighting, professional, and entrepreneurial spirit" led to the adaptation of these products with different formulas and formats to better suit consumer tastes. Despite the product's logical evolution over the years, the original recipe of Grandfather Pepe, who gave his name to the brand, Pepito, has always been maintained. La Nía, on the other hand, was born later as a European brand, though today it can be found both inside and outside our borders.

Regarding their products, from the original formats, some have been modified, but others, like the Deliciosas 12 units with natural lemon zest and in a star format, have been maintained since the company's inception and continue on the market "delighting the most loyal consumers, as well as the new generations that have been joining," the firm notes. Additionally, among their cupcakes, one can also find more innovative references like the Integrales 0% sugars with natural cinnamon touches, catering to those who wish to watch their figure, athletes, or people who need to reduce sugar intake for health reasons.


Maintaining Product Quality Despite Economic Fluctuations


Despite economic circumstances and market conditions that often demand cost reductions in raw materials, leading to a decrease in quality, this company has always remained true to its flavor, without losing its identity and essence, without substituting its original ingredients even considering the economic situation that has emerged. Therefore, "the most demanding consumers, who do not want to give up the qualities of a good artisan cupcake, continue to choose it," says the company's commercial team.


For the company, it is crucial that both the raw materials and the production process are carried out with utmost care, as is the proper preservation of the product, especially during summer and in geographical locations with high temperatures. This is because, as an artisan cupcake, it only uses the minimum necessary preservatives to ensure its conservation in the distribution chain until it reaches the consumer.


Now, 50 years after its foundation, the company maintains the maxim of caring for buyers "through hard work, focusing on flavor by making the cupcakes with the utmost diligence and affection they deserve" and thus concentrates its efforts on maintaining the tradition of "pampering the product." The main goal of the firm remains "to feel that a person enjoys eating our cupcakes: what motivates us the most is that our consumers are happy when they have them for breakfast or snack," emphasizes the Productos Pepito family.


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