A family’s story

Productos Pepito S.L.U

Our beginnings

Since 1973
Almost 50 years ago, the head of the Alonso family decided to dedicate all of his knowledge, efforts and passion to one aim: to make maximum quality artisan muffins.
We differentiate ourselves through our brands, Pepito and La Nia, achieving the extraordinary flavour that characterises our muffins.
A generation later, we continue to use the original recipe, to preserve its unique and traditional flavour in all of the products.
Magdalenas Pepito

We are concerned about people's well-being which is why we select healthy ingredients

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Our Values

Maximum quality requirements. Excellence is not a consequence, it is our premise.

Here at Pepito Products, we value the well-being of people and the sustainability of the environment that surrounds us. That’s why we always make products using the best raw materials.

We ONLY choose MAXIMUM QUALITY ingredients, leaving out those that are harmful to health and/or the environment.


These are our muffins

Individually packaged
Tissue paper wrapping
100% recyclable packaging


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